Eatery / A – Menu

First Course

Roasted Corn Soup / bacon, crème fraîche
Ricotta & Strawberry Salad / shaved fennel, almonds, arugula
Grilled Romaine / creamy feta & garlic, tomato petals, castelvetranos

Second Course

Chicken Ravioli / charred zucchini puree, pickled corn relish, cilantro crema
Pork Cheeks / honey harissa BBQ, baked lentils, onion & fennel slaw
Grilled Eggplant / marinated olives, tahini yogurt, cous cous, chermoula

Third Course

Salted Caramel Budino / dark chocolate crumble, caramel
Crème Brûlée / date compote, vanilla
Apple Beignets / caramel almond crumble

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  1. Gina Ross-Boon August 18, 2015 at 12:06 am Permalink

    Fantastic! Loved the pork, soup and their unique budino. And the salmon, which is not on this menu, was excellent. Grilled Romaine – very attractive and tasty, and how wonderful is a little date with a delicate creme brûlée? Thanks for being in our neighborhood and participating in restaurant week with such a fine menu.

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