Malo – Menu 2017

Malo is bringing the heat for Restaurant Week! With chiles de arbol, serranos, jalapenos, thai bird chilis and more, our dinner menu is hot enough to keep you cool this summer. Tame the heat with our refreshing, light cucumber salad and cool creamy citrus rice pudding.


Two Taco Lunch for Two
Your choice of two tacos on flour tortilla, corn tortilla or lettuce shell; side and beverage and a baby guacamole to share


First (choice of)
Chilled Cucumber, Mint and Lime Salad

Fried Calamari Brava

Second (choice of)
Spicy Chicken and Bacon Enchilada

Serrano Chile and Carnitas Tamale with Salsa Verde

Fiery Barbacoa and Cotija Cheese Tacos

Third (choice of)

Arroz con Leche

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